.35 Crossing Arm.

A. A crossing arm may be installed on the far right of the front bumper. The crossing arm:

(1) Shall be securely bolt-mounted;

(2) Shall be easily removable for towing;

(3) Shall be activated simultaneously with the stop arm;

(4) May not open more than 90 degrees;

(5) Shall extend a minimum of 66 inches from the front of the bumper when activated;

(6) May not have sharp edges or projections which may cause injury to students; and

(7) Shall be air, vacuum, or electrically operated and may not have lights.

B. Interrupt Switch.

(1) A crossing arm interrupt switch may be installed on the dash near the control box for the alternating flashing lights.

(2) Pressing the switch shall stop the arm from opening for a full cycle and the arm shall recycle after the alternating flashing lights have been deactivated.