.32 Emergency Exit Windows.

A. An automatically operated distinctive audible signal shall clearly indicate to the seated driver, when the engine is running, that an emergency window has been unlatched. A cut-off switch except through the ignition switch may not be installed in the circuit.

B. Operating Instructions.

(1) Concise operating instructions describing the motions necessary to unlatch and open the emergency window shall be:

(a) Of a color that contrasts with the letters' background; and

(b) Located within 6 inches of the release mechanism on the inside surface of the vehicle.

(2) A decal containing the instructions may be placed on the window. The decal shall be transparent except for the lettering.

C. The emergency window, if provided, shall be labeled "Emergency Exit" in letters 2 inches high located at the top of or directly above the emergency window on both the inside and outside surfaces of the vehicle.