.30 Service Door.

A. The service door shall:

(1) Be located on the right side near the front in a location which shall provide the seated driver an unobstructed view of the entrance;

(2) Have a minimum horizontal opening of 24 inches and a minimum vertical opening of 50 inches;

(3) Have a head pad, minimum of 1 inch by 4 inches of foam rubber, on the interior of the vehicle to extend the width of the door opening;

(4) Be of the jackknife, accordion, or split type;

(5) Be manually or power operated by the seated drive; and

(6) Be designed to afford easy release and prevent accidental opening.

B. The parts of a service door hand lever may not come together so as to shear or crush fingers.

C. Split-type doors may open outward, but if one section of a folding door opens inward and the other opens outward, the forward section shall open outward.

D. Vertical closing edges shall be equipped with padding to prevent injury.

E. The bottom of the lower glass panel may not be more than 10 inches from the top surface of the bottom step.

F. The top of the upper glass panel may not be more than 3 inches below the interior control cover or head pad.

G. Manually operated service doors shall be reinforced to support the door control operating mechanism.

H. Power operated doors shall be:

(1) Equipped so as to regulate control and to permit manual operation in case of power failure; and

(2) Labeled on the inside in letters at least 1/2 inch high with instructions for emergency opening.

I. Step Well.

(1) Step risers shall be approximately equal in height, with the upper riser not more than 12 inches high.

(2) The steps shall be surfaced with a non-skid material with a minimum of 1-1/2 inch white nosing on the steps and where the floor meets the steps as an integral piece.

(3) The step well shall be illuminated by at least one lamp providing a white light actuated automatically when the service door is open.

(4) The lower step may not be less than 10 inches and not more than 14 inches above the level on which the unloaded vehicle rests.

(5) The entrance may be equipped with a running board-type step which does not extend beyond the width of the vehicle body.

(6) A step well shall have a grab handle of stainless steel not less than 10 inches in length and be properly secured on the left in an unobstructed location inside the doorway.