.28 Mirrors.

A. An interior clear view mirror shall be at least 5 by 15 inches to afford a good view of the passengers and the roadway to the rear. If it is not metal backed and framed, the mirror shall be made of laminated safety glass. It shall have rounded corners and protected edges.

B. Two adjustable exterior, clear view mirrors, framed with black housing, shall be installed on each side of the vehicle.

C. Fender-Mounted Mirrors.

(1) One fender-mounted tripod or solid piece mirror bracket shall be mounted on each front fender.

(2) An exterior convex mirror shall be mounted on each front fender to provide a close infield of the vision to eliminate blind spots.

(3) A single mirror of a type approved by the Administration in conjunction with the State Department of Education may be used in place of the mirrors in §C(2) of this regulation.