.25 Flooring and Floor Covering.

A. Underseat Areas. The floor in underseat areas, including the top and side of the wheelhousing, driver's compartment, and toe board, shall be covered with fire-resistant rubber or equivalent floor covering having a minimum overall thickness of 0.125 inch. A molded floor cover over wheel housings is acceptable.

B. Aisle and Step Areas.

(1) Floor covering in the aisle and steps shall be one continuous piece of fire resistant, nonskid, wear resistant, rubber, with a minimum overall thickness of 0.1875 inch.

(2) There shall be a heavy-duty, white-nosed, rubber wear plate where the floor covering meets the steps.

C. Bonding and Seals.

(1) Floor covering shall be permanently bonded to the floor.

(2) Bonding material or seam sealers shall match the manufacturer's specification to ensure waterproofing.

(3) All seams, including those in the front and rear of or over wheel housings, shall be covered with aluminum strips or joined by bonding or welding.

(4) Aisle seams shall be located on the aisle side of seat legs and shall be covered with strips made of aluminum or other material as approved by the Administration.

(5) Cove or cove molding made of metal or other material as approved by the Administration shall be installed over joints around the sides and rear body wall.