.03 Certification.

A. A manufacturer, distributor, or dealer of Type II school vehicles that are to be sold or distributed in this State shall certify to the Administration that all vehicles they sell or distribute are in full compliance with the provisions of this chapter. The certification shall be:

(1) In a form prescribed by the Administration;

(2) Filed annually; and

(3) Filed before the introduction of a new model.

B. Supplemental certifications are required before new models are introduced during the current model year.

C. Metal Certification Plate.

(1) A stamped or embossed metal plate certifying that body construction is in compliance with the provisions of this chapter shall be posted by the body manufacturer in the area above the driver's seating position.

(2) The metal certification plate shall be visible and, at a minimum, shall contain the body model number followed by "MD" and the manufacturer's name.

(3) A tamper-proof, self-adhesive label with a clear surface that will not be damaged by moisture or cleaning solvents may be used in place of the metal plate. Upon return of the damaged or unreadable label, the manufacturer shall supply a new label to the owner.