.04 Source Documents for Proof of Age, Name, Identity, and Residence.

A. An applicant, to establish proof of age, name, and identity, shall submit a valid, unexpired passport or a valid unexpired consular ID document, meeting the issuance standards established by the Administration.

B. If an applicant is unable to provide the documentation required by §A, the applicant shall submit two of the following, accompanied by an English translation, one of which shall contain a photo not more than 8 years old;

(1) Foreign (non-U.S.) drivers’ license;

(2) Original or certified copy foreign (non-U.S.) civil birth certificate;

(3) National identification card or national voter card displaying applicant’s photo, name, date of birth;

(4) State license;

(5) State identification card;

(6) US military dependent identification card;

(7) US military identification card;

(8) Certified State school record, on a form provided by the Administration, not more than 12 months old:

(9) I-766 Employment Authorization Document; or

(10) Any other documents adopted as acceptable by the Administration through written approval.

C. Source Documents for Residency.

(1) To establish Maryland residency, an applicant for a non-compliant license or identification card shall submit at least two source documents. The address on source documents shall match the address on the application and may not be from the same business, company, or agency. The residency source documents include:

(a) Maryland vehicle registration card or title;

(b) Utility, telephone, or cable or satellite TV bill;

(c) Checking or savings account statement;

(d) Life insurance card or policy over 3 years old;

(e) Property tax bill or receipt;

(f) Mortgage account or proof of home ownership;

(g) Residential rental contract, an apartment lease, or other rental of real property;

(h) First class mail from a federal, state, or local government agency to include the contents and envelope, excluding mail from the Administration;

(i) Installment contract from a bank or other financial institution;

(j) Sales tax or business license;

(k) Major credit card bill;

(l) Residential service contract for services performed at the address of residence, for example, cable or satellite television service, TV repairs, lawn service, or exterminator contract;

(m) Court order of probation, order of parole, or order of mandatory release;

(n) Cancelled check with imprinted name and address; or

(o) Selective Service Card.

(2) A post office box number may only be used if in conjunction with the applicant's address and in the same zip code area. The use of a private mail drop is not permitted.

D. To establish proof of Maryland income tax filings for the preceding 2 tax years, the applicant shall submit a certified letter from the Comptroller reflecting the applicant’s ITIN or SSN.

E. Applicants requesting a name change or to establish a name other than the name that appears on a source document shall submit documentation issued by a court, governmental body, or other entity acceptable to the Administration, accompanied by an English translation, to include:

(1) Certified copy of a court order pertaining to the name change;

(2) Original or certified copy of a marriage certificate;

(3) Original or certified copy of a divorce decree; or

(4) Original or certified copy of a birth certificate.