.04 Additional Requirements.

A. An individual who meets the minimum visual acuity standards of this chapter with bioptic telescopic lenses shall pass a skills test examination if the individual has not taken a skills test wearing the individual's bioptic telescopic lenses. Upon renewal, the Administration may waive a skills test reexamination for a bioptic telescopic lens wearer.

B. Instruction Requirements. Basic instruction requirements for an applicant wearing bioptic telescopic lenses shall ensure that the applicant has demonstrated the ability to:

(1) Locate stationary objects within the telescopic field;

(2) Locate a moving object in a large field of vision by anticipating future movement and coordinating head and eye movement to locate the moving object within the telescopic field;

(3) Remember what has been seen after a brief exposure, with the duration of exposure diminished constantly to simulate short looking time while driving; and

(4) Differentiate varying levels of illumination such as daylight, dusk, and nighttime while wearing bioptic telescopic lenses.