.04 Endorsements and Restrictions.

A. The Administration may:

(1) Add any endorsements permitted, and for which the qualifications have been met, on a commercial or noncommercial driver's license;

(2) Restrict a license issued under this chapter by designating the specific class of commercial or noncommercial license; or

(3) Impose any other restriction authorized under Transportation Article, §16-113, Annotated Code of Maryland.

B. Individuals who have an established medical history or clinical diagnosis of epilepsy or any other condition which is likely to cause loss of consciousness or any loss of ability to control a motor vehicle may not drive a commercial motor vehicle in interstate commerce in accordance with 49 CFR §391.41, which is incorporated by reference. In accordance with this requirement, the Administration shall mark any commercial driver's license issued under this chapter "CDL Valid in Intrastate Commerce Only".

C. The Administration may not add a hazardous materials endorsement to a commercial driver's license issued under this chapter.