.01 Application for Approval.

A. A governmental agency, or any other person, may not operate any vehicle as an emergency or service vehicle, as set forth in the Transportation Article, §§11-118 and 22-201, Annotated Code of Maryland, unless the governmental agency, or other person, shall make application for approval from the Administrator, upon forms and in such a manner as may be prescribed by the Administrator. The agency, or person, must be in receipt of the written approval before operation of the vehicles as emergency or service vehicles.

B. Each vehicle and type of operation shall be listed on approval form with exceptions.

C. The application for approval as emergency or service vehicles shall contain such information as may be required by the Administrator for each and every vehicle, with the exception of any governmental agency, or other person, which operates more than 20 vehicles in the same type of emergency or service operation. In that case, the Administration may accept a certification from the agency, or person, covering all vehicles engaged in similar operations.