.04 Total Purchase Price.

A. The total purchase price or taxable price of a vehicle is determined by the certified selling price agreed on by the buyer and the seller, including any dealer processing charges as defined in Transportation Article, §15-311.1, Annotated Code of Maryland, less an allowance for the trade-in. There is no other nonmonetary consideration.

B. The taxable price of the vehicle shall include:

(1) The retail purchase price;

(2) The shipping or freight charges;

(3) After manufacture items included with the vehicle at time of purchase; and

(4) Manufacturer rebates.

D. A dealer may not include the cost for any nontaxable items when determining the taxable price of the vehicle. Nontaxable items include:

(1) Dealer trade-in allowance;

(2) Dealer discounts or rebates;

(3) Extended warranties;

(4) Mechanical repair contracts;

(5) Federal excise tax;

(6) Electronic registration fee; and

(7) Equipment installed to accommodate a disabled person.