.07 Title and Registration Requirements.

The owner of a low speed vehicle in this State shall:

A. Apply for a certificate of title, as required by Transportation Article §13-402, Annotated Code of Maryland;

B. Apply to the Administration for the registration of the vehicle as specified in Transportation Article §13-403, Annotated Code of Maryland, in order to operate a low speed vehicle on Maryland highways;

C. Provide evidence of required security prior to registration of the low speed vehicle, as required under Transportation Article, Title 17, Subtitle 1, Annotated Code of Maryland;

D. Upon transfer of ownership, produce an inspection certificate issued by an authorized Maryland Vehicle Inspection Station, that the vehicle passed a safety standards inspection, before subsequent registration; and

E. Pay all applicable title and registration fees required under COMAR 11.11.05 and Transportation Article, Title 11, Subtitle 13, Annotated Code of Maryland.