.22 General Provisions of Authorized Participants.

A. Responsibilities of Participant. A participant shall adhere to all rules, regulations, and procedures established by the Administration, including but not limited to the following:

(1) Have all authorized users attend required training workshops;

(2) Transfer all moneys collected as a participant to the contractor's account through the electronic system on the same date the electronic title and registration transaction is processed;

(3) Issue license plates, stickers, and any other vehicle registration materials as applicable to customers in accordance with current Administration procedures;

(4) Submit all reports, including daily activity reports, inventories of license plates and stickers, and any other reports that may be required by the Administration, and in all other respects to comply with the Annotated Code of Maryland; and

(5) Receive, securely store, issue, account for, and be fully responsible for the license plates or stickers or other items of value as may be entrusted to the participant by the Administration.

B. Office Location. A participant shall:

(1) Maintain an office, in accordance with Transportation Article, Title 15, Annotated Code of Maryland, which shall also be used as the office for the computerized vehicle title services; or

(2) Establish and maintain, at a participant's own expense, an office for the purpose of processing vehicle title and registration documents in accordance with the provisions of Maryland laws and regulations.

C. Authorized User. A participant shall:

(1) Designate at least one full-time employee as an authorized user of the electronic system;

(2) Immediately notify the Administration of any changes in the designations of authorized users;

(3) Receive approval from the Administration before allowing an individual to have access of the electronic system; and

(4) Limit access to the electronic system to those employees who:

(a) Have been designated as an authorized user;

(b) Have executed the authorized user affidavit;

(c) Have been authorized by the Administration as users of the electronic system; and

(d) Are covered under the participant's bond as provided for by Transportation Article, Title 15, Annotated Code of Maryland.

D. Prohibited Transactions. A participant may not:

(1) Issue Certificates of Title;

(2) Process any transaction types that the Administration has not approved; or

(3) Process transactions through the electronic system for the following categories of customers:

(a) Those for which the Administration databases indicate an existing problem requiring Administration action; and

(b) Those individuals for whom the Administration has not previously assigned a Maryland soundex code.