.18 Notice.

A. Addresses.

(1) Required notices shall be in writing and addressed as follows:

(a) If to the Administration: Manager of Licensing and Consumer Services, Motor Vehicle Administration, 6601 Ritchie Highway, N.E., Glen Burnie, Maryland 21062; and

(b) If to a contractor or participant, the address specified in the agreement or in an appropriate change of address notice.

(2) Either party may change an address by providing prompt written notice of the change to the other party and to the Administration.

B. Computation of Time.

(1) A notice served by mail shall:

(a) Be sent by certified mail; and

(b) Be considered received 3 business days following the date of mailing, as established by a United States Postal Service certificate of mailing.

(2) A notice served by hand delivery, overnight delivery, or telecopier is considered to have been received on the date of actual receipt.

C. Registered Agent for Service of Process. For the purposes of service of legal process and other legal notices, a contractor shall:

(1) Maintain, within the State, a registered agent and a location of its registered office; and

(2) Notify the Administration promptly of a change in its registered agent or registered office.

D. Failure to maintain a registered agent for service of process shall serve as consent for notice to be served with the Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation.