.15 Training and Promotional Activities.

A. Training of Authorized Users. A contractor shall:

(1) Seek advance approval from the Administration for the training program; and

(2) Require, in each electronic system agreement, that a participant requires each authorized user to attend periodic training with respect to:

(a) Proper procedures for use of the program;

(b) Constraints upon use and disclosure of the information made available throughout the program; and

(c) Sanctions for misuse or abuse of the program.

B. Promotional Activities.

(1) A contractor may engage in promotional activities with respect to the program, including the solicitation of potential participants, in person, by mail, and by telephone.

(2) The Administration shall make reasonably available to the contractor, for use in its promotional activities, lists maintained by the Administration with respect to potential participants.

(3) The promotional activities may not suggest that any contractor is approved or endorsed by the Administration.

C. Use of Administration's Name.

(1) A contractor may use the Administration's name as necessary in connection with its provision of services to the participants, with the prior approval of the Administration, and that approval may not be unreasonably withheld or delayed.

(2) A contractor may not state or imply that the:

(a) Administration recommends or requires the use of the contractor's program or services to the exclusion of other similarly available services; or

(b) Contractor is the exclusive provider of access to the Administration's vehicle records.