.10 Equipment and Maintenance.

A. Equipment.

(1) The contractor shall provide to the Administration its application software and communication lines to the host system.

(2) The contractor shall provide to the Administration, at its own expense, and retain ownership of:

(a) Equipment necessary to provide a communications interface between the host system and the Administration's data processing resources such as devices, modems, telephone and data lines, wiring, and communications facilities; and

(b) Security devices and measures required by the security provisions under Regulation .11 of this chapter.

(3) Upon reasonable notice a contractor has the right to secure and to remove any of its equipment physically located in an area within the control of the Administration or the State upon termination of the service agreement.

B. Maintenance. A contractor shall:

(1) Bear responsibility for maintaining its equipment and other components;

(2) Provide to the Administration installation and release notes of all application software upgrades;

(3) Repair or replace defective or deficient equipment or other components in a timely manner;

(4) Respond to any service calls within 4 hours during normal business hours; and

(5) Give reasonable advance notice to the Administration of the need to access the Administration's facilities for installation, maintenance, testing, and repair of any equipment, device, modem, telephone or data line, wiring, or other component of the communication interface between the contractor and the Administration.