.02 Refusal to Issue Registration Plates.

The Administration may refuse to issue or rescind issuance of a registration plate containing letters, numbers, emblems, terms, symbols, logos, or a combination of them which:

A. Is identical to one already issued by the Administration;

B. Is being requested for a fraudulent or deceptive purpose;

C. Has a scatological or sexual meaning or connotation;

D. Contains profanities, epithets, or obscenities;

E. Communicates a message of any kind about any of the following characteristics of a group of people:

(1) Race,

(2) Ethnic or national origin,

(3) Color,

(4) Religion,

(5) Disability, or

(6) Sexual orientation;

F. Makes reference to the commission of illegal acts; or

G. Contains any other combination that the Administrator finds unacceptable within the law.