.07 Vehicle Operation.

A. The lift axle shall be fully engaged by a dump service vehicle, which is registered for 70,000 pounds, when operating with a GVW above 55,000 pounds.

B. Lift Axle Loading Requirements.

(1) When fully engaged in accordance with §A of this regulation, the lift axle shall have certified air pressure to assure the minimum load of 13,500 pounds with a maximum tolerance of minus 1,500 pounds for an evenly loaded vehicle with a GVW of 70,000 pounds.

(2) A vehicle operating with a GVW of less than 70,000 pounds but more than 55,000 pounds shall have a minimum lift axle loading of:

(a) 10,000 pounds for GVW of 65,000 to 69,999 pounds; and

(b) 8,000 pounds for GVW of greater than 55,000 to 64,999 pounds.

C. The lift axle may be disengaged during:

(1) Turns at intersections;

(2) Turns at sharp curves with a posted speed limit of 15 mph or less;

(3) Entering and exiting delivery or loading locations;

(4) Movement on driveways;

(5) Unloading; or

(6) Travel on routes with a snow emergency declared in accordance with Transportation Article, §21-1119, Annotated Code of Maryland.

D. A lift axle disengaged under §C of this regulation may be disengaged for 1/4 mile before and 1/4 mile after the authorized raising of the lift axle during operation.