.08 Preservation of Records and Audit.

A. Records.

(1) An owner whose application for proportional registration has been accepted shall preserve the records on which the application is based for a period of 3 years after the close of the registration year.

(2) The records shall be made available upon request and during normal business hours to representatives of the Administration, for audit as to the records' accuracy.

(3) If the records are not available to substantiate the information shown on the owner's application, the Administration shall give the owner 30 days written notice to provide the records.

(4) Monthly and yearly records shall be maintained to accurately reflect the inventory count and Maryland registrations. Inventory records shall include a:

(a) Count of the vehicles not rented, located in each jurisdiction, at the time of the inventory count;

(b) Count of the entire fleet owned or operated, whether rented or not rented, at the time of the inventory count; and

(c) Listing of registration plate numbers and dates purchased each year.

(5) Registration records and cancelled checks representing payment for license plates purchased or renewed shall be available for auditor review.

B. Audit.

(1) After reviewing the records in §A of this regulation, the Administration shall determine if any deficiencies exist, and shall advise the owner of any necessary corrective measures.

(2) Failure to correct any deficiencies may result in the suspension of all registrations issued to an owner.

C. Hearing. Before a suspension of a registration issued under these regulations, an owner may request a hearing under the provisions of State Government Article, §§10-201—10-217, Annotated Code of Maryland.