.14 Fees.

A. General. Registration fees for apportionable vehicles shall be determined as follows:

(1) Obtain the percentage factor for each member jurisdiction by dividing the miles travelled in each jurisdiction by the total fleet miles accrued during the preceding year. The Maryland mileage shall include the following:

(a) Mileage accrued within Maryland; and

(b) Mileage accrued in any nonmember jurisdiction which does not apportion registration fees but which grants reciprocity.

(2) Multiply the fee for each vehicle for each jurisdiction by the percentage factor obtained in §A(1) for each jurisdiction.

(3) Add the products resulting from each computation to determine the total fee for registration of all vehicles in each jurisdiction for the registration year.

B. Trailer and Auxiliary Axle Fees. The fee for the proportional registration fees of trailers, semitrailers, and auxiliary axles shall be computed for those jurisdictions which require it by using the same factor which determined the in-jurisdiction and total miles in §A. Since Maryland does not apportion these vehicles, the regular Maryland registration fee for trailers will be added to the apportioned fees.

C. Additional Vehicle Fees.

(1) If a vehicle is to be added to a fleet to replace a vehicle having the same registered gross weight, no additional registration fee is due to the Administration for Maryland registration. However, additional fees will be due for those jurisdictions which do not allow transfer credits.

(2) If the added vehicle is to have a higher registered gross weight than the vehicle it replaces, an additional registration fee is due, based on the difference between the registration fees of the vehicles, multiplied by the mileage percentage factor.

(3) A registration transfer fee shall be paid in all cases.

D. Weight Increase. The fee for obtaining a higher registered gross weight for a vehicle shall be determined by multiplying the difference between the fees for the old and the new weight classifications by the applicable mileage percentage factors.

E. Cab Cards. The fee for a new cab card, issued in connection with the filing of a supplemental application requiring no additional Maryland registration fees, is as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

F. Duplicate Cab Cards. The fee for each duplicate cab card is as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

G. Transfer of Registration. The fee for transfer of registration from a vehicle within an apportioned fleet to another vehicle within the same fleet or another apportioned fleet of the same carrier is as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

H. Temporary Authorization Certificate. The fee for each temporary authorization certificate is as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

I. Hunter's Permit. The fee for a hunter's permit is as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

J. Trip Permit. The fee for a trip permit is as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

K. Nontitled Fleet Registration. The fee for establishing a registration record for an apportioned vehicle not titled in this State is as set forth in COMAR 11.11.05.

L. Refunds — Maryland Fees. A refund of Maryland's apportioned registration fees will be made if any of the following occur:

(1) A billing error of a jurisdiction;

(2) A duplication of registration fees paid for the same apportioned vehicle;

(3) Payment in error of a full fee for a Maryland registration plate when only an apportioned registration is required;

(4) An overpayment as determined by audit; or

(5) A request for deletion of a vehicle listed on the original or renewal application for apportioned registration received on or before the first day of the registration year.