.13 Registration Credentials.

A. Vehicle Identification.

(1) Issuance of Plate and Cab Cards. Upon approval of an application for apportioned registration and payment of the necessary fees, the Administration shall issue the following to Maryland based carriers:

(a) A Maryland base plate bearing the legend "apportioned";

(b) An apportioned cab card containing the following information:

(i) Name and address of the registrant;

(ii) Make and VIN of the vehicle;

(iii) Maryland registration plate number and registered gross weight for Maryland;

(iv) Name of each jurisdiction in which apportioned and registered gross weight for each jurisdiction; and

(v) Other information as the Administration shall deem necessary.

(2) Display. Credentials issued by the Administration shall be maintained or displayed as required by Transportation Article, §§13-409 and 13-411, Annotated Code of Maryland. The cab card shall be carried in the vehicle for which it is issued.

B. Replacement of Credentials.

(1) Application. If a Maryland apportioned registration plate or cab card is defaced, lost, or stolen, the carrier shall apply for a replacement on the appropriate form furnished by the Administration accompanied by the fee provided in this chapter.

(2) Replacement at Transfer. Application for replacement of a lost or stolen registration plate may not be accepted with a registration transfer application unless the cab card is surrendered with the supplement registration application.

(3) Cab Cards. Application for replacement of a lost cab card may not be accepted at the time a supplemental registration application is filed.

C. Cancellation. The Administration may cancel or suspend apportioned registration plates, cab cards, and temporary registrations as authorized by Transportation Article, §13-705, Annotated Code of Maryland. Apportioned registration plates and cab cards shall be returned to the Administration when the registration is no longer required or is suspended or cancelled.