.07 Registration Criteria — Leased Vehicles.

A. General.

(1) For purposes of proportional registration, the long-term lessee-operator of a vehicle shall be responsible for its registration, that is, the operator of a fleet, part or all of which is leased, shall qualify the leased vehicles in its own name in the same manner as if the lessee-operator owned them.

(2) The Maryland credentials for the leased vehicles belong to the fleet operator by whom they were proportionally registered and may be transferred from one vehicle to another as if the operator owned the vehicles.

(3) If the lease of a vehicle is terminated, the lessee-operator shall transfer the Maryland registration to another vehicle which replaces it in the fleet.

(4) A renewal or series of renewals of a short-term lease covering the same vehicle or vehicles shall be construed as being a long-term lease if the time period covered by the original lease and subsequent consecutive renewals is 30 days or more.

B. Temporary Leases.

(1) If an apportioned vehicle is leased temporarily to another person, regardless of whether the lessee is an apportioned carrier, the lessor shall be responsible for reporting the miles traveled by the temporarily leased vehicle.

(2) The temporarily leased vehicle shall continue to bear proportional registration credentials and may be operated on those credentials only in jurisdictions displayed on the cab card.