.02 Scope.

A. Registration Recognition. Vehicles proportionally registered in jurisdictions which have entered into proportional registration agreements, including the international registration plan, under this chapter and have paid fees to the State will be deemed to be fully registered in this State for any type of movement or operation, if the registrant has proper interstate or intrastate authority from the appropriate regulatory agency or is exempt from regulatory agency.

B. Other Fees Not Waived. This proportional registration agreement does not waive any fees or taxes charged or levied by any jurisdiction in connection with the ownership or operation of vehicles other than the apportionable fees as defined in this chapter. All other fees and taxes shall be paid to each jurisdiction in accordance with the laws of each jurisdiction.

C. Base Jurisdiction Choice. Registrants based in any jurisdiction other than a member jurisdiction, who have been licensing vehicles in any member jurisdiction under the basing point, allocation, or proration forms of registration may declare the State as a base jurisdiction for purposes of the agreements until such time as the registrant's base jurisdiction becomes a member jurisdiction if the most miles travelled among the member jurisdictions are in Maryland.

D. Options of Registrants.

(1) The registrant may choose to fully register in any jurisdiction or purchase a limited number of trip permits instead of apportioned registration.

(2) The registrant may divide his vehicles into any number of fleets.

(3) A vehicle or combination of vehicles which travels in two or more member jurisdictions but which is not otherwise within the definition of "apportionable vehicle" may be proportionally registered at the option of the registrant.

E. Other General Regulations.

(1) Apportionable vehicles registered non-proportionally in member jurisdictions or registered proportionally in a member jurisdiction but excluding the State in their apportionment shall be subject to the restrictions contained in Transportation Article, § 12-406, Annotated Code of Maryland.

(2) Rental vehicles subject to Transportation Article, §§12-104(b), and 12-403—12-414, relating to apportioned rental vehicles which are not proportionally allocated or registered with the State shall be subject to the restrictions contained in Transportation Article, §12-104(b) relating to rental car agencies.

(3) A vehicle based in the State for use only in the State or nonmember jurisdictions, or both, shall continue to be registered in the State on a nonapportioned basis.