.12 Glider Kits and Kit Cars.

A. An applicant for a certificate of title for a vehicle constructed from a glider kit or a car kit shall provide the Administration with:

(1) An application for a certificate of title;

(2) A certificate of origin for the kit;

(3) A bill of sale for the kit;

(4) A title for the frame;

(5) Bills of sale or receipts for all parts and labor;

(6) An application for an assigned VIN; and

(7) A garage inspection at the Administration or, in the case of a glider kit, a certified statement that the vehicle was assembled by a Maryland licensed dealer or repair shop.

B. The Administration shall refuse to issue a certificate of title if:

(1) The required documents are not furnished or the information is incomplete;

(2) The individual bringing the vehicle to the Administration garage is not the applicant and cannot furnish a power of attorney authorizing the individual to sign for the applicant;

(3) The garage inspection reveals stolen parts;

(4) The application is being processed at a branch office of the Administration, and a statement certifying that the glider kit has been assembled by a Maryland licensed dealer or repair shop is not furnished;

(5) A security interest termination statement has not been furnished for each lien shown on record; or

(6) A title for a vehicle less than 7 years old is being assigned to the applicant and the applicant:

(a) Does not furnish a notarized bill of sale; and

(b) Refuses to pay excise tax on the greater of the book value or the purchase price of the vehicle.