.09 Vehicles Being Titled Due to a Sheriff's Sale.

A. An applicant for a title for a vehicle being titled due to a sheriff's sale shall provide the Administration with:

(1) A court order or writ directing the sale;

(2) An application for a certificate of title;

(3) A copy of the required newspaper advertisement; and

(4) A bill of sale from a sheriff.

B. The Administration shall refuse to issue a certificate of title if:

(1) The required documents are not furnished or the information is incomplete;

(2) The application for certificate of title is signed by an individual to whom power of attorney is granted and the writing granting the power of attorney is not furnished;

(3) The applicant is a trust and the trust agreement naming the trust and designating the trustee or trustees is not furnished;

(4) A transaction involves a bankruptcy and a copy of the court appointment for the bankruptcy trustee is not furnished;

(5) A transaction involves a legal dependent and a copy of a court appointment for the legal guardian is not furnished;

(6) The documents furnished contain an error or alteration and letters of explanation or certified statements do not clarify the errors or alterations to the satisfaction of the Administration;

(7) The lien holder to be recorded is someone other than a dealer or bona fide lending institution and a lien contract is not furnished;

(8) The vehicle is an unrecovered stolen vehicle and a letter from the insurance company requesting issuance of a title in order to satisfy the claim is not furnished;

(9) Certain documents are lost or omitted and the applicant fails to furnish:

(a) A letter of indemnification which is subject to the approval of the Administration; and

(b) Photocopies of lost documents;

(10) The owner or purchaser is deceased and the personal representative, legatee, distributee, legal heir, or surviving spouse has not provided as required:

(a) Letters of administration/testamentary;

(b) A legal heir form; or

(c) A death certificate;

(11) For a mobile home, a receipt from the Compliance Division of the Comptroller of the Treasury, which shows that the retail sales tax has been paid on a used mobile home sold before January 1, 1989, is not furnished;

(12) The applicant has requested a replacement VIN but has not:

(a) Furnished an application for an assigned VIN; or

(b) Had a VIN inspection completed by an authorized police officer in this State;

(13) The previous ownership document was a salvage certificate and the inspection by a police officer in this State who is authorized to inspect salvage vehicles is not furnished; or

(14) A security interest termination statement for liens on the previous Maryland title record is not furnished.