.06 Used Vehicles Transferred from Another Jurisdiction to Maryland.

A. An applicant for a certificate of title for a used vehicle presently titled in the applicant's name in another jurisdiction and who is now applying for a Maryland certificate of title shall provide the Administration with an:

(1) Out-of-State title or other acceptable ownership document from the jurisdiction where the vehicle was last registered; and

(2) Application for a Maryland certificate of title.

B. The Administration shall refuse to issue a certificate of title if:

(1) The required documents and information are not submitted or are not complete;

(2) The out-of-State title or other acceptable ownership document is held by a lien holder and the lien holder refuses to relinquish the title or other ownership document to the Administration;

(3) The ownership document presented to the Administration is a:

(a) Nonnegotiable title; or

(b) Memorandum title;

(4) The application for a certificate of title is signed by an individual to whom power of attorney is granted and the writing granting the power of attorney is not furnished;

(5) The application is signed by a legal guardian and the court appointment is not furnished;

(6) The applicant's name has changed through marriage, divorce, court order, or other method and a change of name and address notice and proof of the name change such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or court order is not furnished;

(7) The vehicle previously had a salvage certificate issued in this State or another state and a VIN inspection has not been completed by a police officer of this State authorized to inspect salvage vehicles;

(8) The vehicle was previously salvaged in this State or another state and has been branded "Parts Only — Not Rebuildable";

(9) The vehicle is an import and the following documents are not furnished:

(a) One of the following:

(i) Appropriate U.S. Customs forms; or

(ii) If imported by a member of the U.S. military, Form DD788 or DD1252, and a copy of military orders or a Maryland driver's license; and

(b) If the vehicle does not comply with U.S. Department of Transportation or U.S. Environmental Protection Agency requirements:

(i) Receipts for conversion work, or

(ii) A bond release letter;

(10) The applicant has requested a replacement VIN but has not:

(a) Furnished an application for an assigned VIN number; or

(b) Had a VIN inspection completed by an authorized police officer in this State;

(11) An error or alteration in the documents furnished has occurred and a letter of explanation or certified statement does not clarify the error to the satisfaction of the Administration;

(12) Certain documents are lost or omitted and the applicant fails to furnish:

(a) A letter of indemnification subject to the approval of the Administration; and

(b) Photocopies of lost documents; or

(13) The ownership document is a salvage certificate branded "Not Rebuildable — Parts Only — Not to be Retitled", or with an equivalent term.