.04 Vehicles to be Registered as Class E Trucks.

A. Constructed, reconstructed, or unorthodox vehicles to be registered as Class E trucks shall meet the requirements in B-----D of this regulation.

B. The original design of the vehicle shall be for the purpose of transporting freight or merchandise and the use of the vehicle shall be restricted to that purpose.

C. Hauling Compartment.

(1) A vehicle shall be built in such a manner as to provide a hauling compartment which shall:

(a) Be permanently attached to the vehicle;

(b) Be separated from the passenger compartment; and

(c) Have a capacity of at least 12 cubic feet.

(2) The trunk of a passenger vehicle or the rear portion of a station wagon, when the seats are folded down or removed, is not considered a hauling compartment.

D. A vehicle shall be equipped with equipment and mechanisms which comply with the provisions of Transportation Article, Title 22, Annotated Code of Maryland, and 49 CFR 571.101-----571.302, which are incorporated by reference.