.20 Fleet Inspection Station.

A. Initial Application and Licensure.

(1) A fleet inspection station license authorizes the licensee to inspect those vehicles that are part of the fleet designated by the licensee.

(2) A person seeking licensure of an establishment as a fleet inspection station shall apply on forms provided by the Department.

(3) To qualify for licensure, an establishment shall comply with the following requirements:

(a) Maintain a repair facility capable of making emissions-related adjustments and repairs;

(b) Possess the following diagnostic equipment and tools:

(i) Emissions diagnostic and repair information for affected model year vehicles;

(ii) A multimeter;

(iii) A fuel or hydraulic pressure gauge;

(iv) A vacuum gauge;

(v) A vacuum pump; and

(vi) A compression tester or cylinder leak down tester.

(c) Allow access to Department personnel to perform quality assurance checks on equipment and personnel;

(d) Employ at least one master certified emissions technician;

(e) Ensure that a master certified emissions technician performs all inspections, adjustments, and repairs required to bring vehicles into compliance with the provisions of this chapter; and

(f) Ensure that each master certified emissions technician undergoes initial test equipment operation and maintenance training, and periodic re-training as required by the Department.

B. License Suspension and Revocation.

(1) The Department may suspend or revoke a license if the licensee:

(a) Fraudulently or deceptively obtains a license;

(b) Fails at any time to meet the qualifications for a license or to fulfill any requirement, procedure, or standard established in this chapter; or

(c) Fails an audit under §C of this regulation.

(2) A licensee whose license has been suspended may be subject to additional personnel training or inspection as approved by the Department before the license is reinstated.

(3) A licensee whose license has been revoked may reapply if:

(a) At least 90 days have elapsed since the revocation; and

(b) The licensee has taken corrective action approved by the Department.

(4) Upon revocation of a license, a licensee shall deliver to the Department within 10 working days of the revocation all materials which were issued as a result of the licensing.

C. Audits.

(1) A fleet inspection station shall allow access to Department personnel to conduct audits of the facility, equipment, and personnel.

(2) Audits shall be conducted at random and with no prior notification.

(3) The Department may:

(a) Monitor the emissions inspections conducted by a fleet inspection station; and

(b) Require re-inspection of a vehicle as a quality control or compliance measure.

D. Record-Keeping Requirements.

(1) A fleet inspection station shall maintain the following records, separately and in chronological order, for a period of 3 years:

(a) One copy of each certificate issued to each vehicle inspected;

(b) Records of quality assurance procedures performed in compliance with the provisions of this regulation;

(c) Vehicle repair records; and

(d) Additional vehicle test data as required by the Department.

(2) The records required in §D(1) of this regulation shall be made available for inspection upon the request of the Department.

E. Inspection Fees.

(1) A fleet inspection station shall pay to the contractor the fee established in COMAR 11.11.05 for each official test conducted by the fleet inspection station.

(2) A fleet inspection station shall pay to the contractor the fee specified in Regulation .14B of this chapter for an inspection or a reinspection conducted at a vehicle emissions inspection station.

(3) A fleet inspection station operated by the State or a county or local government is exempt from the fee in §E(1) of this regulation.

F. Test Equipment and Test Procedures. A fleet inspection station shall:

(1) Own or lease test equipment provided by the contractor that meets the requirements of Regulation .11 of this chapter;

(2) Provide the Internet and electrical connections needed to operate the test equipment and transmit required data to and from the contractor's central data system;

(3) Operate the test equipment according to procedures specified by the Contractor and approved by the Department, using contractor supplied or approved consumables;

(4) Allow access to the test equipment for the contractor to perform service or upgrades as needed; and

(5) Acquire and maintain any additional equipment specified by the Department as necessary to adequately inspect vehicles.

G. Quality Assurance and Maintenance.

(1) A fleet inspection station shall comply with the contractor's quality assurance and maintenance plan, including quality assurance and maintenance procedures conducted by the master certified emissions technician and the contractor.

(2) If the test equipment fails any quality assurance checks required under §G(1) of this regulation, the fleet inspection station may not conduct vehicle inspections until all quality assurance checks are subsequently passed.