.17 Master Certified Emissions Technician.

A. Initial Application and Certification.

(1) To qualify for certification, an individual shall:

(a) Successfully complete an orientation course approved by the Department;

(b) Demonstrate 5 years of full-time employment experience as an automotive technician performing emissions-related repairs on on-road vehicles not powered by diesel fuel or electricity, except that an individual with 2 full years of full-time education related to the repair of on-road vehicles not powered by diesel fuel or electricity need only demonstrate 4 years of the required employment; and

(c) Possess all of the following current, valid ASE certifications:

(i) Electrical Systems (A-6),

(ii) Engine Performance (A-8), and

(iii) Advanced Engine Performance Specialist (L-1).

(2) An individual qualifying for certification may submit an application to the Department. Upon approval of the application, the Department shall provide documentation of certification. Certification is valid through the earliest of the following dates:

(a) 3 years from the date the certification is issued;

(b) The expiration date of the individual's ASE Electrical Systems (A-6) certification;

(c) The expiration date of the individual's ASE Engine Performance (A-8) certification; or

(d) The expiration date of the individual's ASE Advanced Engine Performance Specialist (L-1) certification.

B. Certification Renewal.

(1) An individual with current, valid certification may apply for certification renewal within 60 days before certification expiration.

(2) To renew a certification, an individual shall:

(a) Submit an application to the Department; and

(b) Possess current, valid applicable ASE certifications as required in §A of this regulation.

(3) Certification renewed under this section is valid through the applicable date defined in §A of this regulation.

C. Suspension, Revocation, and Denial of Certification.

(1) The Department may suspend, revoke, or deny renewal of a certification if the certified individual:

(a) Knowingly communicates any false, inaccurate, or misleading information to any person or in any certificate, record, or document regarding the vehicle emissions inspection program;

(b) Fraudulently or deceptively obtains or attempts to obtain a certification; or

(c) Fails an audit under this regulation.

(2) An individual whose certification has been suspended may be subject to:

(a) Additional training or testing as approved by the Department before the certification is reinstated; or

(b) Revocation of a certification for which suspension has exceeded 6 months.

(3) An individual whose certification has been revoked may reapply for certification according to the procedures of §A of this regulation, if:

(a) At least 90 days have elapsed since the revocation; and

(b) The individual has taken corrective action approved by the Department.

D. Performance Audit. The Department shall conduct an audit of the performance of a master certified emissions technician periodically. The audit shall include an evaluation of vehicle repair history.