.12 Failed Vehicle and Reinspection Procedures.

A. Failed Vehicle. The inspector shall refer the operator of a failed vehicle to the vehicle emissions inspection program customer service representative for further information.

B. Reinspection.

(1) The inspector shall reject from reinspection a vehicle:

(a) For which the documentation required in Regulation .05E(2) of this chapter is not provided; or

(b) Which had failed with an on-board diagnostics fault code related to the catalyst or evaporative emissions control system, and the applicable readiness monitor is not set.

(2) The inspector shall collect the documentation required in Regulation .05E(2) of this chapter from the operator of each vehicle which is reinspected.

(3) For reinspection, the inspector shall perform the same inspection procedures as the initial inspection and apply the same inspection standards, including the idle exhaust emissions test, catalytic converter check, and gas cap leak test, or the on-board diagnostics test, as applicable, regardless of the reason for initial failure.