.10 General Requirements for Inspection and Preparation for Inspection.

A. Emissions Related Recall. An inspector shall reject from inspection a vehicle which has not had repairs performed as required by an emissions-related recall notice, as specified in Regulation .05D of this chapter.

B. Vehicle Preparation.

(1) Before vehicle inspection, the inspector shall visually check the vehicle for a condition which has potential to cause injury, damage the inspection station or the test equipment, or invalidate the inspection, including, but not limited to:

(a) Overheating;

(b) Leaks of coolant, oil, or fuel;

(c) Visible tailpipe emissions other than steam; or

(d) A missing, damaged, or leaking exhaust system.

(2) If an unsafe condition or an exhaust leak is found, the inspector shall reject the vehicle from testing. If an unsafe condition develops during a test, the inspector shall abort the inspection.

(3) The inspector shall ensure that all vehicle accessories are turned off.