.08 Enforcement.

A. The requirements of this chapter relating to vehicle inspection shall be enforced by the Administration through the use of administrative sanctions in the form of:

(1) Suspension of vehicle registration;

(2) Denial of vehicle registration renewal; or

(3) Confiscation of the vehicle registration plates.

B. If the vehicle is not issued a pass certificate, a waiver certificate, or an extension on or before the date of scheduled inspection or, if applicable, the end of the period of permitted operation, a notice of suspension of registration shall be forwarded to the vehicle owner of record by the Administration. The notice shall:

(1) Contain vehicle identification information and a suspension date which is at least 15 days after the date of the notice; and

(2) Provide a means for the owner to resolve, to the satisfaction of the Administration, any issues so that the Administration may cancel the impending suspension.

C. Suspension.

(1) If the issues which led to the notice of suspension of registration are not resolved before the suspension date, the vehicle registration shall be suspended and the owner shall forward the vehicle registration plates to the Administration.

(2) If the vehicle owner fails to comply with the suspension, the Administration may issue an order to confiscate the vehicle registration plates.

(3) If the vehicle registration is suspended and a pass certificate, a waiver certificate, or an extension has not been issued, the vehicle registration remains suspended and subsequent renewal of registration shall be denied until the vehicle is in compliance with the requirements of this chapter.