.07 Rear Wheel Protector Flaps.

Every trailer or semitrailer when operated upon a highway shall be equipped with suitable metal protectors or substantial flexible flaps behind the rearmost wheels of the vehicle to prevent the projection of rocks, dirt, water, or other substances to the rear and to minimize side spray. This section does not apply to pole trailers or other vehicles if the construction is such that complete freedom around the wheel area is necessary to secure the designed use of the vehicle.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
A. The protectors or flaps shall have a ground clearance of not more than one-third of the horizontal distance from the bottom edge of the protector or flap to the centerline of the axle, provided, however, that no protector or flap need be closer to the ground than 6 inches under any condition of loading. The protector or flap shall extend laterally at least the width of the tire or tires being protected. A. Measurement A is longer than 1/3 the length of Measurement B (Figure 5) and the vehicle is not equipped with flaps or protectors or flaps are not of required length.
B. If any trailer or semitrailer is so designed or constructed that the objectives of this section are accomplished by reason of fender or body construction or other means of enclosure, either permanent or temporary, then the requirements of this section have been satisfied. B. Protector or flap does not extend laterally at least the width of the tire or tires being protected.
C. Protectors or flaps are not securely attached to the vehicle.