.22 Preventive Maintenance — Applicable to School Vehicles Only.

A. The vehicle owner shall establish a preventive maintenance program recording inspection, repairs, and maintenance by vehicle number, and include at least annually a complete preventive maintenance inspection, to assure that each vehicle is in compliance with all sections of this handbook pertaining to school vehicles. When the wheels have been removed for inspection or maintenance, and after the wheels have been replaced, the vehicle shall be test-driven to assure there is no brake imbalance before the vehicle is released for pupil transportation. Before September of each year, the Administration shall determine that the annual preventive maintenance inspection on each vehicle has been performed within the previous 12 months, repaired or replaced systems or parts are operating properly, and the condition of the vehicle is in accordance with the established standards. The Administration may require a wheel or wheels to be pulled by the vehicle owners or mechanic, to verify condition and repair of brake and other systems. In the event of a change of vehicle ownership and before the vehicle is authorized to transport school children, the Administration may require a preventive maintenance inspection and accomplishment of any maintenance found necessary.

B. Preventive Maintenance Inspection.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Inspect program for technical adequacy and for compliance with accepted standards. (1) Preventive maintenance inspection has not been performed as required.
(2) Inspect vehicle records for compliance with minimum requirements of established standards. Each entry should be checked against the actual condition of the item. (2) Records are unavailable or do not substantiate inspections, repairs, or maintenance performed as required.
(3) Verify the vehicle preventive maintenance inspection certification.  
(4) A preventive maintenance inspection shall include compliance with all items listed in the handbook.  

C. Regular Inspection. Regular inspections shall be performed twice annually as required.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Regular inspections shall include the items in the preventive maintenance inspection except pulling wheels and checking brake linings, pads, and drums. (1) Regular inspection has not been performed as required.