.13 Electrical System.

A. Electrical System. To save time, the inspector should develop his own plan or sequence for checking miscellaneous electrical items, many of which can be inspected while inspecting other items.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Horn shall be securely fastened, produce audible but not harsh or loud sound, and have a horn button readily accessible to the operator.
(2) Switches shall all function properly.
(3) Wiring shall be well insulated.
(4) Connections shall be tight and secure.
(1) Horn:
  (a) Is loose;
  (b) Fails to function;
  (c) Produces loud or harsh sound;
  (d) Not equipped with horn button within arm's reach of operator.
(5) Automatic Transmission Only: Neutral safety starting switch—determine that starter operates with gear selector in P and N only. (2) Switches: Fail to function.
(6) Battery—Check general condition. (3) Wiring:
  (a) Insulation is bare, cracked, or broken;
  (b) Shows evidence of burning or short-circuiting.
(4) Connections are loose or shows signs of excessive corrosion.
(5) Starter operates with gear selector in any gear other than P and N:
  (a) Gasoline ignition engine: Apply parking brake and remove center wire from coil or distributor before checking to be sure that engine does not start with vehicle in running gear. On Delco Remy high energy ignition system disconnect harness connector at distributor on V6 and V8 engines. Disconnect at coil on inline 4 and 6 cylinder engines;
  (b) Diesel engine: Apply parking brake, fully apply service brake, and pull stop out to no-fuel position before checking.
(6) Battery:
  (a) Is cracked or broken;
  (b) Connections are loose or show signs of excessive corrosion;
  (c) Is not held down securely;
  (d) Vents are not open (if equipped);
  (e) Is low on fluid level (if applicable).