.10 Rearview Mirrors.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
A. Rearview mirrors shall permit a clear view to the rear of the vehicle. Inspect for secure mounting, visibility and condition of mirror and its mounting hardware. A.(1) The mirror is cracked or discolored.
   (2) Mirror is improperly installed or loosely mounted.
   (3) A minimum 200-foot visibility cannot be achieved.
B. Motorcycle shall be equipped with two rearview mirrors, one on left and one on right handlebar with a reflective area or at least 7 square inches each. Mirrors on 1978 or newer motorcycles with a plane surface shall have at least 12.5 square inches of reflective surface or, if convex, at least 10 square inches of reflective surface.    (4) Motorcycle is not equipped with two rearview mirrors meeting requirements.
   (1) The mirror shall be securely mounted and sufficiently stable to provide a readily distinguishable image to the rider under normal conditions.  
   (2) The mirror shall be regular in shape (circular, oval, rectangular or square) and may not contain sharp edges, projections, or irregular indents capable of producing injury.