.07 Exhaust System.

The exhaust system includes all tubing or pipe from the exhaust port of the engine to the exhaust outlet including mufflers.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1) Visually inspect the exhaust system for leaks, deterioration, proper mounting and general condition. (1) Vehicle has no muffler.
(2) There are loose or leaking seams or joints.
  (a) Rusted or corroded areas shall be given particular attention.
  (b) Holes in the system made by the manufacturer for drainage are not cause for rejection.
(3) There are holes caused by corrosion or temporary repairs made to the exhaust pipe, muffler, or tail pipe. Welding or brazing is considered a permanent repair if it does not leak.
(2) The exhaust outlet shall extend beyond the rearmost seating position or mounted in such a manner that the exhaust is not directed at the operator or passenger foot rest assemblies. (4) Tail pipe end is pinched or obstructed or does not extend beyond the rearmost seating position.
(5) The system is not properly mounted or securely fastened.
(6) There are loose or removed muffler baffles; the vehicle is equipped with cutout or similar device; or the system is not original or equivalent.
  (7) Mufflers and pipes are not shielded to prevent riders from being burned.
  (8) Exhaust pipe, muffler, or tail pipe is not of a leak-proof construction. Flexible pipe that does not leak is acceptable.
  (9) It emits continuous exhaust fumes or smoke which obscures persons or objects from view at reasonable distance under normal atmospheric conditions for more than 10 consecutive seconds.