.18 Floor; Trunk Pans.

A. Floor and trunk pans shall be inspected for holes or rusted and weakened conditions.

Procedures: Reject Vehicle If:
(1)  Inspect floor pan in occupant compartment (cab) or in cargo areas open to the occupant compartment for rusted-out areas or holes which could permit entry of exhaust gases or which could not support occupants. (1)  Floor pan (or floor) is cracked, has holes, or is rusted through or weakened to cause a hazard to an occupant, affects the secure mounting of seats, or permits exhaust gases or engine fumes to enter the occupant compartment.
(2)  Inspect trunk pans for rusted-out areas, holes, or openings which would permit entry of exhaust gases. (2)  Trunk pans are rusted out, contain holes or openings.
(3)  Inspect floor covering for presence, adhesion, hazardous conditions and sealing (applicable to school vehicles only). (3)  Floor covering is missing, cracked, curled, or worn; not properly sealed or attached; or presents a tripping hazard.