.15 Inspection Certificate.

A. Upon successful completion of an inspection, the registered inspection mechanic who performed the inspection shall issue a prenumbered inspection certificate before the vehicle leaves the premises. The inspection certificate shall be completed in black ink and:

(1) Contain the serial number or manufacturer's identification number (vehicle identification number) obtained from the vehicle;

(2) Contain the make, type, year, and current odometer reading of the vehicle when applicable;

(3) Contain the name, address, station number, and classification of the authorized inspection station using a legible stamp and black ink;

(4) Contain a certification date which shall include the name of the month, a two-digit date, and the year, for example, January 02, 2010, or March 23, 2012;

(5) Contain the written signature and legibly printed name of the registered inspection mechanic who performed the inspection; and

(6) Be distributed as follows:

(a) The original copy of the certificate shall be furnished to the vehicle owner, dealer, or agent;

(b) The purchaser's copy shall be given to the owner, dealer, or agent who shall deliver this copy to the purchaser upon transfer of ownership of the vehicle;

(c) Inspection station copy shall be maintained as required by Regulation .11 of this chapter; and

(d) Additional instructions are on the reverse side of the copies of the inspection certificate.

B. If the original inspection certificate is lost, damaged, or contains incorrect or illegible information and a duplicate certificate is necessary, the following will apply:

(1) A duplicate certificate may only be issued by the inspection mechanic who issued the original certificate unless authorized otherwise by the Division;

(2) Except for corrections, a duplicate certificate shall contain exactly the same date, odometer reading, and all other pertinent information as the original certificate; and

(3) When possible, the original certificate and all copies will be marked VOID, cross-referenced with the duplicate certificate and filed as required by Regulation .11 of this chapter.

C. Inspection certificates will be issued to each authorized inspection station by the Division.

D. Inspection certificates shall remain valid for 90 calendar days from the date the inspection certificate is issued.

E. An inspection certificate issued for a used vehicle owned and held in inventory by a dealer licensed under Transportation Article, Title 15, Annotated Code of Maryland, shall remain valid for 6 months or 1,000 miles from the date the inspection certificate was issued, whichever occurs first.

F. A vehicle titled and registered with the Administration may be transferred and retitled to another owner within 30 days from the date of the last inspection without requiring a reinspection.