.14 Vehicle Sale or Transfer of Ownership.

A. An inspection is required when a used vehicle is sold or ownership is transferred or when a used vehicle is to be titled and registered in the State. As requested by a vehicle owner, owner's agent, or dealer, a certified inspection mechanic at an inspection station shall perform a complete inspection, as set forth in this subtitle.

B. An inspection is not required for:

(1) Sales or transfers of used vehicles to a licensed or foreign dealer;

(2) Sales or transfers accompanied by a signed statement by the purchaser or transferee that the sale or transfer is made for the purpose of rebuilding, as defined in Regulation .01B(27) of this chapter, or dismantling the vehicle;

(3) Transfers between spouses or between former spouses when the transfer occurs as a result of a settlement or court order predating the divorce;

(4) Transfers between parent and child or child and parent;

(5) Transfers of co-owned vehicles when a co-owner's name is being removed from the title;

(6) Sales or transfers of used vehicles which are not to be both titled and registered in the State;

(7) Transfers of used vehicles among State agencies;

(8) Transfers of used vehicles as described in Transportation Article, §13-503.2, Annotated Code of Maryland;

(9) The transfer of a used vehicle into a written inter vivos trust in which the transferor is the primary beneficiary; or

(10) The transfer of a used island vehicle, as defined in Transportation Article, §13-935, Annotated Code of Maryland, registered, or to be registered, as a Class K (farm area/island) vehicle.

C. Either the transferor or the transferee may obtain required inspection certificates for vehicles registered or to be registered as:

(1) Class E (truck) over 3/4 ton manufacturer's rated capacity;

(2) Class F (tractor); or

(3) Class G (freight trailer or semitrailer).

D. If a used vehicle is transferred other than by voluntary transfer or is transferred by a political subdivision of the State after that subdivision obtains the vehicle by proceedings pursuant to Criminal Procedure Article, Title 12, Annotated Code of Maryland, the transferee shall obtain the inspection certificate from an authorized inspection station.