.09 Agreement of Licensee.

A. Upon compliance with the requirements of Regulations .02—.07 of this chapter and being licensed as an authorized inspection station, the licensee:

(1) Agrees to act in the best interest of the State and the general public and comply with the agreement contained in the application for an authorized inspection station license;

(2) Acknowledges that the licensee understands the license may be revoked, suspended, or refused for the reasons provided in these regulations and, upon revocation, suspension, or refusal, the licensee shall surrender the license and all related materials issued by the Division; and

(3) Acknowledges that the Division reserves the right, in the interest of public safety and in determining compliance with the subtitle, to conduct covert vehicle inspections at authorized inspection stations.

B. The licensee may not use as a defense, to a charge of violating any provision of this subtitle, that a fictitious safety equipment repair order was presented to the registered inspection mechanic as part of a covert vehicle inspection.