.06 Inspection Area Requirements.

A. An inside inspection area shall have a smooth, level hard-surfaced concrete or cement floor which:

(1) Shall have no more than a 1 percent slope from front to rear, rear to front, or side to side;

(2) May not have a four-way slope;

(3) Shall be free of work benches, displays, machinery, stairways, shelves, car washing equipment or any other obstructions which would create a hazard; and

(4) May not be equipped with a drive-on lift.

B. Authorized inspection stations with two or more inspection areas may designate one area as a headlight testing/alignment area, provided this area meets the size requirements of the type of vehicle to be inspected and the requirements of §§A and C(2) of this regulation.

C. Class A, C, or R authorized inspection stations shall be designed and equipped with:

(1) Two convex mirrors, a minimum of 12 inches in diameter each, one mounted facing forward from the left rear corner and one facing rearward on the right front corner of the inspection bay; and

(2) A track-mounted approved-type headlight tester.

D. Class A authorized inspection stations shall be equipped with:

(1) A frame contact lift capable of raising vehicles, except for limousines and recreational motor homes, at least 5 feet off the floor; and

(2) Jack stands able to hold limousines and recreational motor homes when raised and placed on them.

E. Diagram of Bay Layout.