.02 Licensing Requirements for Facilities.

A. An application for an authorized inspection station license or renewal shall be submitted on a complete and legible form and signed in ink by the licensee, and accompanied by the fee set forth in COMAR 11.11.05, as follows:

(1) Private business-----shall be signed by the owner;

(2) Partnership-----shall be signed by all partners;

(3) Corporation-----shall be signed by a corporate officer or person with written power of attorney which shall either accompany the application or be on file with the Division.

B. Applications will not be accepted from any applicant who has been in business at that location for less than 6 months except:

(1) Previously licensed facilities which have changed location;

(2) Additional locations of existing or established businesses which have one or more branches licensed as authorized inspection stations;

(3) A dealer licensed by the Administration;

(4) When adequate documentation of previous business operational experience is presented, the Division Commander may waive the 6-month waiting period.