.20 Service Providers.

A. Service providers who service, install, monitor, calibrate, and provide information on ignition interlock systems shall:

(1) Apply to the Administration for certification as an approved service provider;

(2) Demonstrate that the service provider is able to competently service, install, monitor, calibrate, and provide information on ignition interlock systems;

(3) Be certified by a signed affidavit from the manufacturer that the service provider has been trained by an authorized manufacturer and that the service provider is competent to service, install, monitor, calibrate, and provide information on ignition interlock systems; and

(4) Be deemed to be authorized representatives of a manufacturer.

B. After the Administration notifies a service provider of certification approval, the service provider shall:

(1) File with the Administration a surety bond in the amount of $10,000; and

(2) Notify the Administration within 5 days if the surety bond is canceled, revoked, or suspended.

C. Any service of notice upon an approved service provider who has violated any laws or regulations or whose ignition interlock system is not in compliance with any laws or regulations is deemed as service upon the manufacturer who certified the approved service provider.

D. An approved service provider shall:

(1) Provide adequate facilities as required in Regulation .12 of this chapter;

(2) Provide service and installation records for inspection on the request of the Administration;

(3) Keep all personal and medical information provided to the service provider regarding Program participants confidential except to the Administration and its authorized representatives;

(4) Install devices for eligible participants in the Program within 10 days of the date of requested installation by a Program participant;

(5) Provide a toll-free 24-hour emergency response number that a participant may call to obtain assistance from the provider with technical information, towing, and road service;

(6) On notification by a participant of a device failure:

(a) Provide emergency assistance within 3 hours of notification by the participant; and

(b) Repair or replace the device within 48 hours after notification by the participant;

(7) Monitor devices periodically, not to exceed 30 days;

(8) Establish indigence provisions as set forth in COMAR 11.11.11;

(9) Within 1 business day of a device's installation, removal, or monitoring appointment, electronically submit to the Administration the information it requires regarding the:

(a) Identification of the participant or prospective participant who had the device installed;

(b) Identification of the vehicle in which the device is or was installed; and

(c) Monitoring data relating to the participant's use of the device for each monitoring period; and

(10) Within 1 business day after notification by the Administration that the information received was incomplete, corrupt, or erroneous, electronically resubmit the corrected information to the Administration.