.14 Reports Required by Manufacturer.

A. The manufacturer shall provide to the Administration:

(1) Annually, a certified statement that the manufacturing of the model or type of device originally certified has not been modified or altered in any way to require laboratory retesting;

(2) Annually, a summary of all complaints received and corrective action taken by the manufacturer for each model or type of certified device;

(3) Semiannually, a report that the ignition interlock devices were checked for proper use and accuracy, detailing any necessary adjustments;

(4) A report on a device denied certification in another state, whether the denial of certification occurs before or after certification by the Administration; and

(5) Any other available information upon request.

B. The reports required by §A(2) of this regulation shall be categorized by:

(1) Customer error of operation;

(2) Faulty automotive equipment other than the device;

(3) Apparent misuse or attempts to circumvent the device causing damage; and

(4) Device failure due to material defect, design defect, or workmanship errors in construction, installation, or calibration.

C. A denial of certification for an ignition interlock model in another state may, at the discretion of the Administrator, be cause for decertification, revocation, or denial of certification for the same model by the Administration in Maryland.

D. The manufacturer shall provide the Administration and participating agencies the following:

(1) Proof of the installation of the system;

(2) Reports of the results of the monitoring which:

(a) Shall be performed at least every 60 days, or more frequently as the circumstances may require, and

(b) May be in the form of an electronic log of the driver's experience with the system;

(3) Within 7 days of discovery, reports of any apparent misuse of the device, tampering, circumventing, or attempts to disconnect, or any other pertinent information; and

(4) Any other available information upon request.