.12 Facility Requirements.

A. Facilities, which may include mobile or satellite units, where interlock devices are installed, serviced, monitored, or removed shall:

(1) Be in an area where customers are not allowed to watch the installation, calibration, or removal of a device;

(2) Be open during normal business hours with after hours service capability;

(3) Be established to service the geographical location and volume of individuals who qualify for and are admitted into the program;

(4) Have records maintained for 5 years; and

(5) Have and use the required tools, test equipment, and manuals needed to screen vehicles for acceptable mechanical and electrical conditions to install devices.

B. The tools, test equipment, and manuals required under §A(5) of this regulation include, but are not limited to, the following:

(1) Tools necessary to ensure electrical connections are made in a workmanlike manner in accordance with accepted trade standards (for example, properly soldered or mechanically crimped with high quality connectors);

(2) Heat gun if heat shrink tubing or heat set labels are used;

(3) Volt/ohmmeter;

(4) Test light;

(5) Battery testing equipment and servicing tools (for example, load tester, terminal cleaning tools, battery filler, etc.); and

(6) Electrical wiring diagrams or reference guide, or both, for electrical systems on import and domestic vehicles, 20 years old or less, necessary for the installation and operation of the device.