.11 Personnel Requirements.

The manufacturer shall be responsible for device installation, user training, service, and maintenance. The following apply:

A. Installers shall have the training and skills necessary to install, troubleshoot, and check for proper operation of the device, and to screen the vehicle for acceptable conditions.

B. Personnel who install, calibrate, perform tamper inspections, or perform reporting duties, or all of these, may not have been convicted of a crime substantially related to the qualifications, functions, and duties related to the installation and inspection of the devices. This may include, but is not limited to, persons:

(1) Convicted of any alcohol or drug-related offense within the last 3 years;

(2) Convicted of more than one alcohol or drug-related offense overall;

(3) Convicted of probation violation;

(4) Convicted of perjury; or

(5) Who have had a license or registration revoked, suspended, or denied for a violation or violations of motor vehicle safety equipment laws.

C. Persons who can show acceptable evidence of rehabilitation may be considered for the positions in §B.