.09 Periodic Inspections.

A. At the time of device installation, the device shall be checked to make sure that it is functioning properly and accurately. Self-diagnostic features shall also be checked.

B. Tamper inspections shall be conducted at any time that the device is given routine inspection, maintenance, or repair. Tamper inspections shall include the following:

(1) Inspect all external wiring insulation, connections, and sheathing for the device and where the device connects to the vehicle. Document and photograph any perforations, cuts, or other evidences of possible tampering.

(2) Record or document any electronic indications of tampering.

(3) Inspect all tamper seals for breaks, tears, or other evidence of tampering. Document and photograph any evidence of tampering.

(4) Check device for proper operation to ensure tamper detection capabilities.

(5) After all evidence of tampering has been recorded, photographed, and reported to the appropriate law enforcement agencies, restore the system and its tamper seals, etc., to their original condition to prevent further abuse.

C. The Administration or its designees shall have the right to inspect installation and service of the devices.