.01 Scope.

A. The purpose of this chapter is to establish regulations for the certification, installation, repair, and removal of ignition interlock systems in Maryland and to establish eligibility requirements for participants and minimum standards for service providers under the Maryland Ignition Interlock Program.

B. The Administration shall:

(1) Establish standards for the calibration, maintenance, and service of ignition interlock devices by the manufacturer or service provider of that device;

(2) Establish protocol for the Maryland Ignition Interlock Program to include eligibility criteria for participants and minimum standards for service providers;

(3) Notify the manufacturer in writing if the Administration certifies a device or service provider;

(4) Provide for a review of the certification of ignition interlock devices; and

(5) Issue a notice, if necessary, to show cause why a device or service provider should be decertified in the State because of a failure to meet the certification requirements set forth in this chapter.

C. A written notice of the Administration's certification of an ignition interlock device or service provider is a public record under Courts and Judicial Proceedings Article, §10-204, Annotated Code of Maryland.