.05 Fees.

A. Application Fee.

(1) An application fee under this chapter shall be established by the Administration.

(2) The application fee shall be submitted with each DIP and 3-Hour ADEP application.

(3) Application fees submitted to the Administration under this regulation are nonrefundable and are only applicable to DIP and 3-Hour ADEP.

B. Fees Charged by Providers.

(1) Program providers may establish and collect a reasonable fee for providing DIP and 3-Hour ADEP.

(2) Fees shall be collected for alternate format programs after the completion of the alternate format curriculum and before the end of program test.

(3) Fees for classroom format programs shall be collected at the time of enrollment.

(4) A provider shall issue a refund within 48 hours to a participant when the Administration determines a participant is entitled to a full or partial refund.